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At Chilli and Gin Festival, we're more than just a chilli festival; we're a passionate family-founded business dedicated to igniting the senses through the fusion of spice, spirits, and community. What started as a humble vision has blossomed into an annual celebration that brings flavour enthusiasts, local artisans, and spirited individuals from around the region.

Our Story

Founded by the father and son team, Mark Scarborough and jack Scarborough, in 2019, chilli and gin festival emerged from a shared love for bold flavours and a desire to create a platform that celebrates local talent. As a small business, our roots run deep within the community, and we're committed to supporting local businesses, artisans, and producers. We believe in the power of collaboration and the beauty of showcasing the richness our local area has to offer.

Our Mission

Our mission at chilli and Gin Festival is simple: to craft experiences that tantalise the taste buds, celebrate diversity, and create lasting memories. We're driven by the pursuit of excellence in curating unique and immersive events that showcase the best of chilli, gin, and culinary wonders. 

Supporting Local

One of our core values is our unwavering support for local businesses. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with local growers, artisans, and vendors, championing their craft and bringing their exceptional products to the forefront of our festival.

Join Us

We invite you to join us on this flavourful journey, where every sip, bite, and moment explores taste, culture, and community. From the warmth of our family roots to the vibrancy of our festival, we welcome you to CHILLI AND GIN FESTIVAL.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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