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artist, musician or entertainment act? you're in the right place...


Are you an artist, musician, or entertainment act ready to captivate an enthusiastic crowd? Look no further! Chilli & Gin Festival is calling on all creative souls to bring their vibrant energy and exceptional talent to our sizzling celebration in 2024.

A Thrilling Stage for Your Artistry: Our festival is more than an event – it's an experience that ignites all senses. Imagine the thrill of performing against a backdrop of laughter, cheers, and the mouthwatering aromas of chilli and gin. Your artistry will be the heartbeat of our festival, adding the perfect spice to an already unforgettable day.


Exposure to a Diverse Audience

With attendees ranging from families seeking fun to gin enthusiasts chasing new flavors, your performance will resonate with a wide-ranging audience. The exposure you'll receive is unparalleled, offering you the chance to connect with fans who are passionate about both music and the festival's vibrant atmosphere.


Join the Festival Family

We take pride in fostering a community of performers who are as excited to showcase their talent as we are to have them. From local legends to rising stars, Chilli & Gin Festival provides a platform where creativity knows no bounds. Become a part of our artistic family and share in the magic of uniting people through music and entertainment.


Professional Support

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your performance shines. From sound checks to stage setup, we've got your back every step of the way. Focus on delivering your best performance while we handle the logistical details, so you can leave a lasting impression on the crowd.

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